Environmental & Waste Management

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Environmental & Waste Management

Toro has a proven reputation for delivering waste storage buildings for processing waste material. Our structures ensure waste can be un-loaded, storage and processing in a dry, wind-free environment. No matter what your requirements are, Toro will provide robust structures to protect management facilities, waste recycling facilities and waste transfer stations and to accommodate your specific storage, handling and processing needs.

Toro works closely with the Environment Agency and the Chartered Institute of Waste Management; we will be happy to support and advise on your waste storage requirements. For example, we can offer fire protected storage for flammable materials such as wood, card or paper or environmentally hazardous materials such as food waste we can design a bunded system with wastewater capture.

  • Complies with Environment Agencies’ legislation for covered waste storage.
  • Offers a safe working environment for your employees.
  • Compliant with Eurocode building regulations.
  • The highest standards of Health and Safety best practice will be maintained by our installers.
  • Individually designed and configured to size and colour to help meet your planning permission requirements.
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Unlimited Customisation

At Toro we have created a design, manufacturing and construction process to deliver custom engineered solutions that surpass our clients expectations. As a result we have the ability to fully customise your design, features and specification 100% tailored to your needs.
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