Tensioned Fabric Structure are fundamentally well suited for use in the Aviation sector for the following reasons:

Exceptional height and width clearance – Toro Shelters have no internal columns to interfere with aircraft, cargo, or heavy machinery, allowing for ease of movement and maximum usable space.

Protection from the harshest environments on Earth – Toro Shelters are engineered to stand up to gale force winds and withstand both balanced and unbalanced snow loads of a minimum of 0.5kN/m². Furthermore, Toro’s aircraft hangars protect equipment and personnel from UV, rain, cold and heat – typically 3°-5°C warmer in winter and 3°-5°C cooler in summer.

Energy efficient working environment – The light transmittance of the pale fabric roof cover provides a good degree of natural light during daylight hours proving to be highly energy efficient with lighting needed mainly during evenings and winter months.

fabric structure poured foundation toro shelters


Minimal foundations, costs and disruption – the Aviation sector tends to favour options with minimal foundation requirements – the Toro team will be able to advise the best choice for your environment.

Flexibility and cost efficiency – All Toro structures can accommodate many foundation options, for example concrete up-stand, ballast weights, and ground anchors into an existing surface. Therefore, Toro Design Engineers will work in unison with the groundwork contractor in order to reach the most cost effective solution.


Versatile, low cost and relocatable – A Toro Shelter can be installed for a fraction of the cost of similarly proportioned conventional structures and erected in a fraction of the time. A Toro aircraft hangar can rapidly be made longer, shorter, moved to a different site, stored in a 20 or 40 ft container for later use or even sold on at the end of use.

Fast track installation means less time on-site – Toro’s experience in the Aviation sector means that we are used to fast deployment and coordination of delivery and installation. Pre-fabricated structures and covers allow us the ability to construct our hangars in a variety of weather conditions speeding up the installation process.