Prefabricated Mining Shelters & Buildings for Africa

Custom built, hard wearing, re-locatable mining shelters for mining operations

Custom Buildings & Shelters for Mining & Mining Infrastructure

Toro understands the needs of the mining  industry. Specifically, the importance of  continuity of operations, unhindered by damaged plant & machinery or extreme weather.
We also understand mining operations need to relocate buildings and operations rapidly.

Mining Structures and Shelters

Toro portable mining buildings are fabricated using high quality, robust materials.  Depending on our client’s requirements our frames are made from galvanised steel or extruded aluminium profiles.

This means that our shelters are structurally efficient and lightweight. A lighter structure means a smaller foundation required. Which, in turn, means a more economical build, as the cost of foundations represents a significant proportion of build cost.

The framework is then covered with a tensioned composite membrane. This PVC membrane is UV stabilised. However, the membrane transmits enough light to negate the need for artificial lighting during daylight operation and remain impervious to wind, rain, snow, even a chemical attack. Ideal for the harsh environments of the Middle East and Africa.

Each Toro structure is custom designed and built to your needs. They are designed to fit into 20ft and 40ft shipping containers so that they can be easily transported to remote sites or stored.

They can be free-standing, mounted on rails, jacks and wheels, shipping containers, or able to be crane lifted the possibilities are limitless.

Whether you need conveyors entering and exiting the building, large doors for access, plant storage, vehicle maintenance bays, workshop or office space Toro has a solution.

If you are looking for an economical and scalable mining operation, then you are in the right place.

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Why choose a Toro Mining Shelter for West African Mining?

At Toro we have created a full design, manufacturing and construction process to ensure that your mining operations can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
We are able to deliver custom engineered mining solutions that meet operational challenges head-on. We have the ability to fully customise your design, giving you all the functionality you require, from equipment storage to ore storage, conveyor operations and office space.

Toro’s Mining Shelter Building Experience

Toro portable mining buildings are fabricated using hot-dip galvanised, latticed steel frame, overlayed with strong composite membranes. This means that our shelters are structurally efficient, lightweight for shipping and transport, require minimal foundation work to construct and – once complete – can span up to 60m wide.

Each of our PVC membranes are UV stabilised, tried and tested in the Middle East and Africa. They transmit enough light to negate the need for artificial lighting during daylight operation and remain impervious to wind, rain, snow and chemical attack.

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