Building Foundations

There are many tensile building foundation options available for use with tensioned fabric buildings, and cost is always a factor when making a decision. Whatever your structure needs are, the first consideration in determining the right kind of foundation is whether your structure is temporary, relocatable or permanent. Generally speaking, temporary foundations will be less expensive but will limit the size of buildings they will support, and will also not last as long as permanent foundations.

Tensile Building Foundations Expertise

Toro design engineers will advise on the best solution for your project. The foundation really is the core structural component of any build and it must be correctly installed by professionals.

Temporary foundations do not normally require heavy machinery or a large workforce to install. Skilled Toro installation engineers with the correct tools can prepare a temporary foundation rapidly. Temporary and relocatable fabric structure foundations, which most of the time do not require a sub floor, work well for smaller, lighter weight structures.

Permanent foundations are a common choice because they feature a solid, durable floor as part of the foundation and are well suited for sand and salt storage buildings, biomass storage buildings, water treatment plants, waste and recycling facilities, sports facilities and some aviation buildings. All foundations installed by Toro are approved by a local foundation engineer to ensure that they are designed to accommodate the design load requirements for the site.

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Foundation Types

Toro Shelters can be customised using a broad spectrum of foundation types. Our Sales Team will be able to advise all options relevant to your use, size and type of shelter. They’ll help you make the best decisions possible based on your timeline and budget.

The following shelters are typically referenced as per their foundation type.

Other types of foundation that can be used separately or in conjunction with the shelters above.

If you’re unsure on anything at all, the Toro team can offer friendly and knowledgeable advice at any stage of your project. Therefore, feel free to to sound us out with a quick call or email.
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Tensile Structures – Expert Advice

Toro Shelters has over 20 years experience supplying Tensioned Fabric Buildings. To this end, we have completed numerous projects across a broad spectrum of sectors. We can help advise from both a corporate procurement or engineering perspective. As a result, we will always make sure your solution optimises the return on investment. So, contact us now for an initial estimate.

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