Offshore Transition Piece Cover

Toro designs and builds, robust Offshore Transition Piece Covers designed to sustain ocean winds.

Offshore Transition Piece Cover Innovation.

Offshore Transition Piece Covers – Innovation at a competitive price

Here at Toro Shelters, one of our core values is ‘Always Strive to Innovate’. With this is mind we are always looking for ways to improve the return on investments of our clients as well as offering demonstrable gains for operatives working and living in a Toro Shelter.

From offshore wind turbines and monopiles to jacket foundations, we design and build shelters in every perceivable climatic condition.

This includes transition covers constructed of a galvanised steel frames, covered with a robust PVC composite membrane which is capable of resisting typhoon wind pressures.

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Minimal installation time / Maximum protection

Traditional materials options for dry bulk storage buildings usually mean high costs and could be potentially less robust in certain environments. Therefore, Toro eesign engineers are constantly innovating and able to create tailor made tensile fabric solutions that are a great alternative to traditional storage buildings.

Our Dry Bulk Shelters and Transition Piece Covers have a galvanised latticed steel frame which is lightweight and has unbeatable structural integrity. Additionally, all Toro Shelters are clad with high-tech laminated PVC membrane covers, tensioned over the steel frame which in turn makes the structure very strong.

Unique Features and Benefits of Toro Transition Piece Shelters

Offshore wind farms are subject to some of the most climatic extremes including heavy rain, gale force winds, direct sunlight and high salt levels. With this in mind, a Transition Piece Cover is the perfect structure to utilise in these conditions.

The Toro TP Cover replaces the need for the traditional expensive, clunky steel TP cover.

The PVC membrane is flame-retardant so it can be safely stored in a warehouse or in a vessel. Furthermore, Toro’s TP covers offer side protection against the wind, rain and sun allowing better working conditions for your installation crew.

In addition, the steel frame does not need to be dismantled for the appending of the TP or for pooling the array cable. This makes the work easier and safer since no crane is required.

Our covers have lower cost in comparison with other structural solutions based on heavy steel cans or other lightweight aluminium or fiberglass covers.

In fact, the frame of the TP cover does not need to be removed but used instead for pulling the array cables.

There is no need for a steel tripod to be assembled on the TP flange so the operational time reduces significantly saving hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The geodesic dome shape of the cover contributes to a low wind drag pressure and adds adequate stiffness to resist wind speeds greater than 190 km/h.

The frame is hot-dip galvanised and it is designed as per DNVGL offshore standards. The pattern of the fabric is welded each other so it is waterproof.

The TP covers are stackable and easy to handle due to the low weight.

Rapid installation with the initial assembly is taking place on the ground level. When it is ready a crane is required for appending it and place it on the TP flange

If you have any uncertainties, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team can offer advice at any stage of your project. Feel free to sound us out with a quick call or email.
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Toro is an award-winning company. We consistently deliver the highest levels of innovation, quality and service in the industry.

Technically superior design combined with load lifting capabilities

When it comes to design features, our design engineers are constantly innovating. As a result our tensile fabric structure solutions become the industry standard.

The frame can be used to lift loads up to 40kN. High load capacity is extremely beneficial when installing or retrofitting equipment within a transition piece unit.

There is a retractable access panel in the middle of the cover that reveals hooking points used for lifting the entire Transition Piece Cover. As a result the complete unit can be transferred in once piece between turbines.

The Transition Piece fabric cover and the frame does not need to be removed for pulling the array cables making it easy to complete work under the shelter’s protection. Additionally, there are no zipping elements which might get damaged and instead we use a retractable fabric panel allowing wide access even in very strong winds.

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A Toro Transition Piece Shelter Protects What Matters
At Toro we test and test until we develop technically superior structural designs. With this in mind you can guarantee your Transition Piece Cover will always be:
  • Robust & lightweight
  • Designed for wind speeds greater than 190km/h
  • Not affected by corrosion
  • Waterproof & UV protected
  • Made with marine grade fixings

Tensile Structures – Expert Advice

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