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High Quality – Custom Engineered – Tensioned Fabric Buildings

Toro Shelters design, engineer and install Tensioned Fabric Buildings and Tensile Fabric Structures. As a result, our fabric buildings will protect from the elements, last a lifetime and prove to be a trustworthy investment. Consequently, our clients trust our Tensile Fabric Structures to protect their most critical assets. Furthermore, Toro Shelters are used as temporary, relocatable and permanent buildings. Similarly, our tension fabric structures are found in locations stretching from Central London to the Australian Outback, and from the Highlands of Scotland to the Sahara Desert.

The Pinnacle of Tensioned Fabric Buildings

In short, we specialise in the design, fabrication and installation of custom engineered tensioned fabric buildings. Hence, our clients protect their critical assets and operations with economical, robust fabric structures that last a lifetime.

Additionally, our advanced structural design results in the use of less material. Therefore, tensioned fabric buildings weigh less and need a smaller foundation. As a result, this means foundations cost less than more traditional buildings.

Furthermore, Toro Shelters tensile fabric structures can be mounted on a tarmac or concrete base, concrete lego-block walls or even bare earth. Finally, our composite PVC membrane covers create weather-tight protection in all environments.


Why Choose A Tensile Fabric Structure?

Full Turnkey Solutions for Tensioned Fabric Buildings

In summary, no matter what your Tensile Fabric building need is, Toro can provide full Turnkey Solutions. To that end, the Toro Engineering and Design teams are highly qualified. Additionally they design all fabric structures considering Client needs and local environmental conditions. Furthermore, all Toro tension fabric structures proudly comply with Eurocode standards. Also, all structures are designed and statically calculated using CAD and state-of-the-art engineering tools and software. As a result, you can be sure your tensile fabric structure is going to last a lifetime, even in the harshest of conditions.

Customised Tensile Fabric Structures To Meet Your Needs

Certainly multiple industries require tensile structures for a broad spectrum of use. Therefore there’s a wide range of options available on the market today. However, many options are strictly found modular in format. This means that clients have to adapt their working environment to fit the space rather than the other way around. Consequently, we have created a design, manufacturing and construction process to overcome this issue. As a result, we deliver custom engineered tensile fabric buildings that surpass our clients expectations.

Customise Your Structure

Tensile Fabric Structures – Expert Advice

Additionally, we have over 20 years experience supplying Tensioned Fabric Buildings. To this end, we have completed numerous projects across a broad spectrum of sectors. Therefore we can help advise from both a corporate procurement or engineering perspective. As a result, we will always make sure your solution optimises the return on investment. Contact us now for an initial estimate.
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Toro Shelters – Installing a tensioned fabric salt barn north of London

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