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High quality Aircraft Hangars to Commercial and Military Clients

Military-Grade Aircraft Hangars for Private & Military use

Our fabric aircraft hangars are used by military, aviation and aerospace organisations worldwide.

Toro Aircraft Hangars are military-grade, and ‘standard issue’ amongst numerous armed forces around the world, thanks to both their flexibility, portability and durability.

Each of our aircraft hangars and aviation shelters can be fully customised to meet the most complex of needs. Each hangar can be used not only for aircraft protection, but also for ground support buildings, baggage storage and as temporary airplane terminals.

Because the needs of shelters can vary widely, we have deisgned our hangars to give you all the flexibilty you need, whilst maintaining incredible structural integrity. Protecting your aircraft from whatever is thrown their way.

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Temporary, Permanent or Relocatable Aircraft Hangars

Firstly, Toro Aircraft Hangars can be temporary, permanent or relocatable. Secondly, there can be provisions for both rapid deployment and expansion as necessary.

Our ground anchoring systems cut construction and excavation costs by more than 50%, and our hangars utilise the very best materials including self cleaning high opacity PVC. As a result, this ensures natural light, minimal maintenance and creates the optimal solution that is easy and low cost to maintain.

Every hangar is be uniquely designed and built by our specialist aviation staff. They take the utmost care to ensure that each structure can pass rapidly through planning processes, ensuring that lead times are kept to minimum, and you are able to begin safely storing your aircraft no matter where they are located.


Tensioned Fabric Structures are fundamentally well suited for use as hangar buildings for the following reasons:


Exceptional height and width clearance. Our aircraft hangars have no internal columns to interfere with aircraft, cargo, or heavy machinery. This allows ease of movement and maximum use of space.

Protection from the harshest environments on Earth. Our hangars are engineered to stand up to gale force winds and withstand both balanced and unbalanced snow loads. Furthermore, a Toro hangar protects equipment and personnel from UV, rain, cold and heat. Typically 3°-5°C warmer in winter and 3°-5°C cooler in summer.

Energy efficient working environment. Light transmittance through the cover provides a good degree of natural light during daylight hours. Hence this proves to be highly energy efficient with lighting needed mainly during evenings and winter months.

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Minimal foundations, costs and disruption. The Aviation sector tends to favour options with minimal foundation requirements. Therefore, the Toro team will be able to advise the best choice for your environment.

Flexibility and cost efficiency. All Toro structures can be combined with various foundation options. For example concrete up-stand, ballast weights, and ground anchors into an existing surface. Therefore, the engineering team will work with the groundwork contractor to reach the most cost effective solution.

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Versatile, low cost and relocatable. Our hangars can be installed faster than a conventional structure at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, a Toro aircraft hangar can rapidly be made longer, shorter, moved to a different location. Furthermore, our hangars can be stored in a 20 or 40 ft container for use later or transportation.

Fast track installation means less time on-site. Toro’s experience in the Aviation sector means that we are used to fast deployment, coordination of delivery and installation. Likewise, pre-fabricated structures and covers allow us the ability to construct our hangars in a variety of weather conditions speeding up the installation process.

If you’re unsure on anything at all, the Toro team can offer friendly and knowledgeable advice at any stage of your project. Therefore, feel free to to sound us out with a quick call or email.
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Toro is an award-winning company. We consistently deliver the highest levels of innovation, quality and service in the industry.

Hangar Installation – Speed and Flexibility.

Three of the greatest advantages of Toro Aircraft Hangars and Hangar Buildings we provide are:

  1. minimum lead time from order placement to installation
  2. flexibility in size, shape and foundation type
  3. multiple customisation options including auxiliary equipment

As a result, every aircraft hangar is customised to your needs. Hence, the one thing we do not operate is a ‘one size fits all’ policy. Therefore all we need are dimensions you require, or a specific internal capacity, and we will design to meet an exact purpose.

Furthermore, we utilise a modular construction method using galvanised steel framing and a tensioned laminated PVC cover. Therefore we are able to erect and secure our aviation shelters in extremely tight lead times.

Additionally, our hangers are made in Europe using Euro-code standards. Furthermore, we build all of our aviation shelters to last a lifetime, even in the harshest environments. As a result, they meet the demands of military grade deployment in expeditionary operations or aircraft servicing during combat operations.

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Fully customised to your needs

Toro offers a variety of different hangar door solutions. Consequently we can supply ‘off the shelf’, or custom designed to specific requirements. As a result, this flexibility ensures that our aviation clients get the best option for their selected building type and operational needs.

Toro Aircraft Hangars and Aviation Shelters utilise all types of auxiliary options. As a result we can source ceiling-mounted HVAC and fire-suppression systems, fall-protection equipment and over-head cranes.

Our knowledge and expertise means we can advise how to make sure your structure safely supports all superimposed loads.

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Toro has designed, engineered and installed dozens of Aircraft Hangars and Aviation Shelters across the world. Consequently the Toro team has gained an unrivalled level of experience installing facilities in varying climatic conditions.

Furthermore, our engineers design structures fully customised to meet the clients needs. To that end, the Toro team have the knowledge and experience to provide the highest quality product and service in the industry.

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