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Economical Dry Bulk Storage Warehouses

Flexible Dry Bulk Storage Shelters for cost-effective storage and containment. From Salt and Grain to Products and Waste, our shelters offer you both strength and versatility.

Our Dry Bulk Shelters are versatile, extremely robust and suited to harsh and corrosive environments. are the most progressive and economical solution for the storage of dry goods, such as grain, salt and wood chips.

Our specially made storage buildings, with tensile fabric membranes are built to the highest specifications. As a result, our shelters are the best way to protect dry bulk or waste materials as well as to keep odours and dust in. Equally, every warehouse is weatherproof, protecting your dry bulk from everything mother nature has to throw at it.

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Temporary and Relocatable Dry Bulk Storage Shelters

Traditional materials options for dry bulk storage buildings usually mean high costs and could be potentially less robust in certain environments. Therefore Toro Design Engineers are constantly innovating and able to create tailor made tensile fabric solutions that are a great alternative to traditional storage buildings.

Toro dry bulk shelters have a galvanised latticed steel frame which is lightweight and has unbeatable structural integrity. Additionally, all Toro Shelters are clad with high-tech laminated PVC membrane covers, tensioned over the steel frame which in turn makes the structure very strong.

If you want a flexible storage solution for large quantities or dry bulk, then look no further.

Unique Features and Benefits of Toro Dry Bulk Storage Shelters

From brownfield sites in city centres such as London, Birmingham and Manchester to industrial parks and countryside locations, our structures can be custom made to fit their environment.

Industry wide, the same problem is evident time and time again –  ‘how to store large volumes of material dry economically and in the best possible condition for when it is needed?’

Toro Shelters offer a tailor made, economic and proportionate solution for storage of dry bulk materials. Consequently our steel-framed, PVC fabric covered shelters are by far the most cost effective means to cover dry bulk material.

From Central London to the highlands of Scotland and beyond, our structures are the most affordable means to protect your valuable materials.

Our Dry Bulk Storage Buildings are affordable because they are cleverly designed using advanced techniques. As a result, a reduced foundation size and fewer material reduce the build cost significantly.

Toro structures are extremely strong. They will last a generation. Toro Shelters are sometimes considered to be temporary bulk storage shelters because they can be disassembled and reassembled between sites or to a new location.

Our highly durable fabric covers are a great alternative to traditional or steel shelters. Timber cladding is extremely expensive and steel cladding rusts, especially in an aggressive environment such as salt barns.

However, the latticed framework has a coating of high quality galvanisation. Toro`s design team have engineered them to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions.

Our highly experienced installers can set up structures in a matter of days; therefore they can erect a Toro bulk shelter in less time than conventional structures. As mentioned above, our team will be able to rapidly relocate your dry-bulk storage shelters should the need arise.

Environmental regulation becomes ever-more demanding. It is critical that certain materials, such as salt and wood chips, are stored in an EA compliant structure.  Toro Shelters have a European CE mark. As a result, our structures protect the environment and your corporate reputation, by adhering to the various Governmental Agency guidelines.

Toro clients continue to buy our structures because they know we can be counted on to deliver the perfect solution every time. Internationally, Toro has a reputation as a ‘safe pair of hands’ to build high-quality, robust structures at a competitive price.

If you have any uncertainties, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team can offer advice at any stage of your project. Feel free to sound us out with a quick call or email.
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Toro is an award-winning company. We consistently deliver the highest levels of innovation, quality and service in the industry.

Dry Bulk Storage for Road Salt

NWSRG research clearly shows road salt is best covered, therefore protecting salt in a salt barn is the only way to ensure your road salt is in the best possible condition.

The risk of insufficient road salt for winter service is unimaginable. Further, having sufficient salt in poor condition is avoidable. It hinders the process of spreading salt. For example, the moisture content of stored road salt is critical. The target or Optimum Moisture Content (OMC) is between 1.5-4%.

The exact OMC is dependent on the nature of the salt delivered. Where the ratio of fines in the salt pile is high, it is better to have an OMC higher than 4%. This is because wetter salt stops the fines blowing away or being inaccurately spread.

The biggest risks occur when the road salt is of normal condition, but wetter than the OMC, In that case the following can occur:

  • Tunnelling in the spreader hopper.
  • Caking of salt stockpiles.
  • Leaching from salt stockpiles.
  • Poor salt distribution – areas of carriageway under or over salted.
  • Rain on uncovered salt piles create dangerous sink or swallow holes.

For more information about our specialist Road Salt Barns, please see our dedicated page.

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The Toro 10 Year Guarantee

Toro Shelters salt barns are cleverly designed and intelligent engineering minimises the use of materials. Additionally, all Toro Dry Bulk Storage Solutions are built to sustain high snow and wind loads and are designed to last a life-time, backed by Toro’s 10 year warranty.

Toro structures are the best solution for a salt barn. They have a high-quality galvanised steel framework. In addition they are covered using an ultra tough, UV stabilised PVC composite membrane. This means the cladding is cost effective. Additionally it is impervious to attack from salt. It is also quick and easy to repair if damaged by operators. Other types of dry bulk buildings and salt barns are susceptible to rust, fire, rot or not fit for purpose.

Dry Bulk Storage Shelter Gallery

Toro has designed, engineered and installed hundreds of Dry Bulk Shelters across the UK and Europe. Consequently, the Toro team has gained an unprecedented level of experience installing these types of facilities in a wide spectrum of environments.

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