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We offer a full range of services based on 20 years industry experience.

Full Turnkey Solutions for Temporary, Permanent & Portable Structures.

No matter what your Temporary, Permanent or Portable Building needs are, Toro can provide full Turnkey Solutions. To that end, the Toro Engineering and Design teams are highly qualified and design all our fabric structures considering Client needs and local environmental conditions, furthermore, all Toro products proudly comply with Eurocode standards. Consequently, all structures are designed and statically calculated using CAD and state-of-the-art engineering tools and software so you can be sure your tensile fabric structure is going to last a lifetime, even in the harshest of conditions.


Professional Installation

It is absolutely imperative it is to have your fabric building professionally installed by experts. That is why Toro fully employs its own highly-skilled installation team to assemble your tensile fabric structure. Additionally our installation team have the expertise to offer you complete project management, coordinating the build from the moment they enter your site.


Environment & Structural Analysis

We take what we do very seriously at Toro, and truly understanding your tensile fabric structure requirements is at the heart of our corporate philosophy. To that end we will only advise clients after a full appraisal of the unique challenges each project presents. Consequently, we treat your project as if it were our own and only provide help, decisions and actions that we would invest in ourselves.


Planning & Site Surveys

Toro has successfully delivered hundreds of tensile fabric structures to market. As a result, we have a vast amount of experience that we can share with our clients at each stage of the project. Furthermore, we are able to offer fundamental advice and support right at the start of your project and even before planning and site surveys have commenced.


High Quality UK Fabrication

At Toro, we pride ourselves on our work ethic, our fabric strucures and our ability to make great things happen. As a consequence we demand the highest level of engineering, manufacturing, quality control and assurance from our UK manufacturing plant. To that end, the business has invested heavily in R&D, innovation and lean manufacturing techniques in order that we can surpass our clients expectations.


Retrofit & Refurbishments

Whether you have an existing tensile fabric building or another structure, Toro has the experience, skill and knowledge to successfully recover your building in order to protect your assets. With this in mind, a recover is the most time and cost-efficient and effective method to extend the life of your building.


Aftercare & Maintenance

As you’ve invested in a Toro Product, we wish to ensure your Tensile Fabric Structure remains fit for use and continues to fulfil your requirements. However, without ongoing maintenance checks and minor repairs, your building can become compromised, resulting in both performance, reliability and in some instances safety issues, that can become costly if not addressed in a timely manner.

Toro Client Testimonials

We purchased a mining equipment maintenance shelter from Toro Shelters in 2014. Located in the sub Saharan desert area experiencing sand storms and high temperatures and heavy rains, the shelter, its modular offices and workshops, 5 years later are still in perfect condition.


A Good design, a good quality product and an installation team who over-came the many challenges.

young tom toro shelters

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