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Tensioned Fabric Buildings

Aftercare & Maintenance.

You’ve invested in a Permanent or Temporary Tensioned Fabric Building. Hence, you want to ensure your Tensioned Fabric Building remains fit for use. Therefore it will continue to fulfil your requirements. However, without ongoing maintenance checks, your building can become compromised. This could result in both poor performance and reliability. In some instances costly safety issues may occur if not addressed in a timely manner.


Service Plans to Protect Your Tensile Structure

Toro can provide ongoing service and maintenance plans tailored to your requirements.

You will be impressed at the speed at which your new tensile structure will be in place and ready to protect your assets. With this in mind and through the experience we have gained, the Toro team recognises that client aftercare is hugely important.

The Toro philosophy of excellence doesn’t stop once the build is complete. Consequently, once you are enjoying the benefits of your new tensile structure, we are still there for you. If you wish to move, re-configure or repair your tensile structure our after-sales support team are dedicated to your peace of mind.

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Tensile Structures – Toro 20 Year Warranty.

Our 20 year goods warranty for the main structure of the building gives you the reassurance you require on your investment. To that effect our sales team will be happy to run through the terms of this warranty and any associated warrantees for your chosen auxiliary options.

If you have any questions at all around liabilities and insurances please give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many service appointments will I receive per annum?

One service appointment per annum is included.

Will I get a Warranty if the Product is located outside of Great Britain?

We will take your location into consideration when setting your Toro Plan.

What is classed as a minor repair?

Repair of tears and holes in the PVC and replacement of missing or broken small component items that can be carried out on the same day.

How long is the Toro Shelters Warranty on my new Tensioned Fabric Building?

We offer a 20-year warranty on all new builds, giving you peace of mind while leaving the maintenance to the Toro professionals.

What type of things will the engineer do on a site visit?

We will visually inspect all aspects of the building, re-tension and carry out minor repairs where required, thus ensuring maximum building performance, which will help to extend the life cycle of the building and protect your valuable asset.

Environmental regulation becomes ever-more demanding. It is critical that certain materials are stored in an EA compliant structure.  Toro Shelters have a European CE mark. As a result, our tensile structures protect the environment and your corporate reputation, by adhering to the various Governmental Agency guidelines.

If you’re unsure about anything please call us. Our friendly team can offer advice at any stage of your project. Therefore, feel free to sound us out with a quick call or email.
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Toro is an award-winning company. We consistently deliver the highest levels of innovation, quality and service in the industry.

Repairs, upgrades, expansions, or relocations.

Tensioned Fabric Buildings – Toro has it covered.

Furthermore, your permanent building or temporary structure may require certain maintenance tasks. Hence, this might include re-tensioning, cleaning or replacing areas affected by severe weather. Therefore we will gladly provide a complimentary review of your building where we survey all structural elements.

We always provide safe, reliable, high quality tensile fabric structures. To that end we will upgrade or replace any necessary steels or membrane materials through Toro installation teams within the remit of our warrantee.

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Toro always ensures the highest level of service.

You may have a damaged truss or holes in your tensioned fabric building. Furthermore, there may be many other kinds of repair that need remedial work. With this in mind, we’ll endeavour to get our repairs team to you within 24-48hrs of your initial call.

We have many years of working with existing clients in multiple sectors where dismantling, relocating and storing shelters has become common place. As a result the Toro team can be called upon when your needs change or your business expands.

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In short, we’d love to chat about your salt barn requirements. However, we understand if now isn’t the right time. Therefore, please leave your contact details here. We’ll arrange a call back at a time that suits you.

Toro’s philosophy puts clients at the centre of what we do. Therefore, our Sales Team will provide clear and informative advice. Above all, we’ll guarantee the very best return on investment. We’ll also guarantee industry leading service.

We never use your data for any purpose other than to contact you regarding your initial request.

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