Salt Storage Buildings & Highways Maintenance

We are a Salt Barn Manufacturer with decades of experience

Salt Storage Buildings & Winter Highways Maintenance

Council budgets in the UK are under constant scrutiny and are typically being cut, year-on-year. Consequently, our Salt Storage Buildings are designed to be economical, robust and do not compromise on quality.

Toro Shelters has developed a range of salt barns to meet the needs of Councils and Government Agencies, tasked with maintenance of the nation’s highways.

Toro Shelters offers a broad range of products that fit the needs of Highways teams throughout the year:

  • Winter Road Salt Storage Buildings
  • Vehicle Maintenance Shelters
  • Waste Transfer Bay Covers
  • Vehicle Storage & Garages
  • Warehousing and Storage Buildings

Likewise, all of our tensioned fabric buildings are CE certified and build to the highest quality standards. Hence, each of Toro’s storage buildings has been designed to protect against wind, rain and snow. As a result, Highways Staff remain safe and materials, such as road salt are in the best possible condition when you need them.

Furthermore we are an active Consulting Associate Member of the NWSRG – National Winter Service Research Group. Therefore our company assists the members of the group to adhere to industry best practice to store road salt.

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Specialist Salt Barn Manufacturer

We are a specialist manufacturer of Salt Barns and Salt Domes for winter road salt storage. Over decades we have been designing and building a wide range of permanent, semi-permanent and temporary storage buildings for both individual councils and the Highways Agency.

Our experience in this sector means we know exactly what it takes to build a shelter which will prolong the life of the road salt housed within, along with giving you the required access points to be able to effectively collect and distribute the salt as its required.

All of our Salt Barns and Salt Domes are are designed and produced in-house. Once designed, each shelter can be manufactured and built within 90 days giving you the ability to add to your storage capacity quickly. Each barn can also be designed with relocation in mind, should you wish to have the ability to move your shelter should it be necessary.

The Best Choice For Your Salt Storage Building

Take a closer look at the typical types of Toro Shelters used in this sector.

Toro Shelters – Quality & Service.

Most importantly we offer a full range of turnkey services. We operate a client focused business across multiple sectors. We only supply product that meets and exceeds client expectations.
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