Aviation & Aircraft  Hangers

From temporary and permanent aircraft hangers to storage buildings & terminals


Aviation and Aircraft Hangars

We have significant industry wide experience in the design and installation of Aircraft Hangars. Therefore, Toro Shelters fabric structures are the perfect choice for temporary and permanent aircraft hangars, cargo facilities, maintenance buildings and storage warehouses. Additionally we use long-lasting UV resistant membranes and high-strength frame systems. As a result they require virtually no maintenance, and last a lifetime even with minimal upkeep.

Our hangar buildings are extremely easily deployed, are highly versatile, durable and portable, and they are therefore viewed as ‘standard issue’ among many armed forces around the world. Consequently, our experience, product quality and service are a natural fit with private sector aviation and aerospace organisations.

Furthermore, the aviation sector is well know for deploying Fabric Hangar Structures to contend with a myriad of different end uses. This includes aircraft hangars, air cargo facilities, ground support buildings, equipment and baggage storage areas, helicopter hangars, terminals, sealed buildings and more.

A Toro Aircraft Hangar is:

  • Have exceptional height and clear space
  • Great value
  • Able to be rapidly deployed
  • Extremely versatile
  • Able to be branded – brand and signage potential
  • Very durable and robust
  • High Quality – Well made using high quality materials

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Custom Built Storage Warehouse

At Toro we have created a full design, manufacturing and construction process. Hence, we are able to deliver custom engineered solutions that surpass our clients expectations. We have the ability to fully customise your design, giving you all the functionality you require, whilst also maintaining the highest build quality standards.

Temporary, Relocatable and Semi-Permanent Commercial Warehouses, Shelters and Storage Buildings

Because of the design and build process for Toro Shelters, there is incredible flexibility around how you can use them.

Temporary Storage Warehouses & Shelters

Because Toro Shelters can be erected quickly, they are ideal for businesses looking to quickly scale up their operations during specific times of the year. Each shelter has the ability to be erected and taken down with ease and used for a short period of time as required.

Semi-Permanent Storage Warehouses & Shelters

Each shelter built comes with a 20 year warranty, meaning that you have flexibilty over how it is used. We know many retailers, construction sites and airports who are using our storage shelters and buildings while a physical brick-and-mortar building is constructed, but also others who have been using Toro Shelters for a long time, after failing to find other suitable warehousing options at a reasonable price point.

Relocatable Storage Warehouses & Shelters

As each commercial warehous and shelter is custom designed, they can be built to your specification. Many of our customers use this as an opportunity to future-proof their shelter, allowing it to be relocatable should the need arise. These options include, but aren’t limited to wheeled, weighted and crane-liftable shelters.

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