Offshore Wind Farms

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Offshore Wind Farms.

Offshore Wind Farms are by their nature situated in windy, corrosive environments.  Consequently, the need to protect sensitive equipment integrated into Offshore Wind Turbine Generator (OWTG) installations is critical, and the cost of protecting OWTG installations must be economical and proportionate. With this in mind Toro Shelters have engineered robust Transition Piece Shelters built to withstand the harshest environments.

Drawing on our decades of experience and innovation, designing protective shelters for all types of equipment in all industry sectors, Toro has created a range of ingenious and cost-effective wind farm cover solutions.

For example, transition piece covers have either been unwieldy and difficult to transport and install. Additionally, they are insubstantial and prone to potential failure.

Our ingenious solution combines lightweight but incredibly robust materials. Coupled with clever design features to deliver the ultimate offshore transition piece protection.

transition piece cover offshore wind toro shelters
Transition Piece Covers

Unlimited Customisation.

At Toro we have created a full design, manufacturing and construction process. Hence, we are able to deliver custom engineered solutions that surpass our clients expectations. As a result we have the ability to fully customise your design. Furthermore, we capture all the features and specifications 100% tailored to your needs.
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