Storage Warehouses

Temporary, Permanent and Relocatable Storage Warehouses

Custom Storage Warehouses built for your needs

Temporary, semi-permanent and permanent warehouse storage structures for businesses with flexible storage needs.

Whether it is a UK Building Regulations Part L2 compliant, insulated structure or a single-skinned, rapid-build PVC membrane structure, we have a Storage Warehouse solution you can trust.

Our Storage Warehouses are some of the most cost-effective around, giving the option to quickly expand your operations without the risks, time and expense of building a permenant structure. As such, our per square foot (p.s.f.) price is 30% less than a modern conventional warehouse, on a like-for-like basis. A significant cost advantage and no additional risks.

Furthermore, we use an advanced, structurally efficient design system comprised of a steel frame and weather-proof tensioned membrane. Together with our design, these optimise strength and reduce the cost of materials and the negate the need for an expensive foundation.

Above all, our storage warehouses have the ability to create a vast, yet robust clear-span space.  Therefore, protecting operations and materials, at a cost proportionate to its use. Above all we also comply with all Government Health and Safety Executive requirements.

warehouse tensile fabric building toro shelters
tensile fabric warehouse toro shelters
Storage Warehouses – Complete Design and Build.

The majority of clients engaging us for their new temporary or semi-permanant Storage Warehouses ask us to assist with, or undertake the following activities:

  • Design and Development of Planning Approvals
  • Planning Approvals
  • Ground investigations / Site investigations
  • Ground improvement where the soils are if insufficient bearing and other services fit-out.
  • Foundation design
  • Installation
  • Scoping and installation of racking, lighting, climate control etc.
  • Periodic Post-Completion Surveys

Toro is happy to assist clients with as many or few of these aspects of the project, as required. Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss.

Purpose-built, flexible Storage Warehouses

If you require a large warehousing unit which is robust, re-locatable and able to be rapidly built, our warehouses are the perfect choice.

All of our Storage Warehouses are created using intelligent design and engineering-based decisions. Our skillset, knowledge and experience allow us to custom manufacture a warehouse that best fits your business, from product storage to waste storage, our shelters have the flexibilty you need.

Safety and quality will never be compromised by Toro Shelters. Therefore, all Toro’s structures are designed and built to Euro Code standards. As a consequence, the design is cognisant of local wind and snow loads. As well as this, all materials used in the fabrication of Toro’s buildings are certified and of the highest quality and provenance.

The latticed trusses used by Toro in its storage warehouse design, allow for an open internal space free of columns or supports. Consequently, the combination of the internal building height and clear-span results in a massive open space in which to operate.

Lease Agreements and project terms, in the current economic environment, often terminate in 5 years or less. However, our storage warehouses are engineered to last for many decades. Consequently, they are also designed to be reconfigured, enlarged or even moved. As a result, our clients can easily re-purpose the structure for a different project or use it on another site.

The framework and cladding for all our warehouses are easily cleaned. Consequently, this improves the aesthetics and ensures contaminants or potential food for pests is eliminated. Equally, the simple design ensures structures can be quickly and rapidly repaired, should they be damaged.

Toro Structure’s are constructed using a simple and robust proven design, yet they are extremely adaptable. Consequently, the time from design to installation, depending on the scale is weeks or months rather than years.

If you have any uncertainties, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team can offer advice at any stage of your project. Feel free to sound us out with a quick call or email.
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Toro is an award-winning company. We consistently deliver the highest levels of innovation, quality and service in the industry.
Flexible Storage Solutions for Businesses and Local Authorities

If you need a storage warehouse built rapidly, a Toro fabric warehouse is the perfect choice. Our structures go up quickly, often built in less than half the time it takes to construct a traditional wood or steel building. As a result, you can have your customised structure installed in only a matter of days.

Additionally, we can install your warehouse directly on bare earth, hard-standing, asphalt, rails or concrete slab. No other structure is as economic or versatile.

Because we commonly use white fabric covers, this reduces the need for daytime artificial lighting. The translucent and reflective qualities of the our interior membranes help provide indoor temperature stability throughout the year, ensuring the viability of your stored goods and equipment. From fruit and vegetables to trucks and loaders, there are few things a Toro shelter cannot store safely.

Toro Shelters – Quality & Service.

Most importantly we offer a full range of turnkey services. We operate a client focused business across multiple sectors. We only supply product that meets and exceeds client expectations.
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