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Fabric Structures – High Quality UK Fabrication

At Toro, we pride ourselves on our fabric structures, our work ethic and our ability to make great things happen. As a consequence we demand the highest level of engineering, manufacturing, quality control and assurance from our UK manufacturing plant. To that end, the business has invested heavily in R&D, innovation and lean manufacturing techniques in order that we can surpass our clients expectations. As a result we are able to lead the industry and provide the very best high quality, custom engineered Tensile Fabric Structures.


Fabric Structures – Made in the UK

Quality Fabrication By Fully Qualified Engineers

Toro operatives manufacture all covers on site in our fabrication plant here in Bristol under strict quality controls. To that end, all materials entering the plant are high quality products, certified by our trusted suppliers.

The Toro team performs quality inspections from the point materials are received into the plant and throughout the manufacturing process.

Once the materials have been checked they are passed to the pattern cutting teams. After this, our design engineers submit 2D digital file simulations directly from the 3D structural design in order to process accurate cutting patterns. These files are then loaded onto a large scale plotter/cutter where panel shapes are laser cut for accuracy.

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High Frequency PVC Welding Expertise

High frequency welding (HF Welding) is a fabrication process where two PVC panels are welded together using an electromagnetic field. This results in a material join that is at least as strong as the original material, and can often be even stronger than the original material strength.

The electromagnetic field excites the molecules in the surface layers of the material. As a result there is no need for any external heat source to be applied as heat is generated naturally during the process. Furthermore, pressure is applied to the join and the materials melt and fuse together. As a result of cooling still under pressure, the materials are fused permanently together and a weld has been created.

Toro Builds to CE Standards

We Only Use The Highest Quality Materials and Components

If you’re unsure on anything at all please call us. Our friendly team can offer advice at any stage of your project. Therefore, feel free to sound us out with a quick call or email.
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Toro is an award-winning company. We consistently deliver the highest levels of innovation, quality and service in the industry.

Certified and Tested

Continuous Training and Development

Each and every member of the Toro team will spend considerable time each year shadowing each others role. This not only helps in succession planning, but also helps our operatives understand the impact that poor performance can have on a colleagues work schedule and client timeline.

We have a highly motivated manufacturing work force who’s experience, knowledge and passion for excellence is second to none. As a result, we can be highly trusted on manufacturing lead times and more often than not we deliver significantly earlier than planned.

We offer continuous training and development opportunities to our work force. As well as this we conform to industry leading accreditation for British Standards, Eurocodes, CHAS and ISO.

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A Passion for Accuracy and Achievement

We’re high achievers and we’re really passionate about delivering a technically sound end product with the highest degree of accuracy. To that end every Toro Fabric Shelter adheres to the same manufacturing and quality standards on every project.

Our stringent design protocols upstream mean there is no margin for error as each Toro Shelter is manufactured. As a result our clients can be assured that their structure can be installed without delays or a long list of snagging issues.

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