Temporary Buildings & Portable Shelters

High quality temporary buildings and portable shelters, custom designed & built

Flexible, yet robust temporary buildings and shelters for multiple uses

Just because a building is portable, it doesn’t mean that it is lacking in quality.

Our flexible temporary structures allow you to move buildings around your site, giving you the freedom to optimise your processes and land use. Each building is custom designed, and can be used for a range of purposes from workshops and warehousing to loading facilities and temporary aircraft terminals.

The benefits also exceed the potential uses. They are also highly economical and cost-effective. Our tensioned PVC membrane offers unrivaled weather protection, as well as allowing in natural light, dampening noise and maintaining a regular air temperature.

All of our temporary buildings and portable shelters can be erected and taken down within hours, without the need for scaffolding, forklifts or heavy machinery.

Toro Crane Liftable Structure
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Temporary fixed, weighted, wheeled and crane liftable options – or all of these at once!

Our shelters are a versatile alternative to regular buildings. For example, there is no interior columns or support beams, meaning that as little space as possible is taken up by the structure itself.

There are a number of options you can choose to enhance the portability of your buildings, such as;

  • Temporary Fixed
  • Wheeled
  • Weighted
  • Crane Liftable
  • Or, all of the above

At Toro, we offer a fully customised design service, tailoring your portable structure to your requirements. As a result, our portable buildings are used as mobile facilities. Additionally, they can also be used as staging buildings, commodity storage buildings and in dry dock scenarios.

Over the years we have helped scores of companies with buildings such as these, including numerous linked with the British Ports Association in and around Britain.

Portable and Temporary Buildings – The Benefits.

Our portable and temporary buildings are very flexible. They adapt quickly to your needs. So, you’ll also be investing in a versatile and long-lasting structure. They can be used in the toughest environment. As a result, all of our mobile structures carry a 20-year warranty.

  • Firstly, we have the ability to construct, fabricate and install in one to two days.
  • Secondly our temporary buildings utilise temporary ground fixings, weights or wheels.
  • Furthermore, our design engineers specifically design covers appropriate to local wind and snow loads.
  • Additionally, Toro Shelters temporary building provides additional secured space for valuable items.
  • Similarly, our custom-built portable shelters will not leak – protecting your working environment from the elements
  • Most importantly, our temporary buildings and portable shelters provide unhindered clear span space for your operation

Toro Shelters Quality Standards.

Toro’s engineers design in accordance with Eurocode design standards. Additionally, they are compliant with British Standard BS EN 1090-1. For any storage solution, we supply CE marked steel which mean our products are safe and last a lifetime.

Toro’s philosophy ensures safety and quality. Accordingly, we design structures in line with CDM regulations. As a result, we provide full structural safety for all temporary buildings from the earliest stage of development.

We reduce risk during the manufacturing and installation stages of the build. As a consequence, Toro’s operational staff carry out 80% of the structural assembly at ground level.

If you have any uncertainties, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team can offer advice at any stage of your project. Feel free to sound us out with a quick call or email.
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Toro is an award-winning company. We consistently deliver the highest levels of innovation, quality and service in the industry.
The Ultimate Flexible Protection Choice.

Firstly, we provide the perfect environment for your processing equipment. Hence, you’ll protect your equipment from UV, rain and cold conditions. As a result this will greatly increase your assets working life.

Secondly, our temporary buildings go up quickly. Normally around half the time it takes to construct a traditional building. Therefore, if you need things fast, our temporary buildings are the perfect choice.  As a result we’ll install your temporary building in only a few days.

Likewise, our structures are installed directly on any surface. For example bare earth, hard-standing, asphalt, rails or on a concrete slab. Nothing is as economic or versatile as our temporary buildings.

White fabric membranes reduce the need for daytime artificial lighting. Hence, this provides indoor temperature stability. As a result, portable and temporary buildings stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Toro Shelters – Quality & Service.

Most importantly we offer a full range of turnkey services. We operate a client focused business across multiple sectors. We only supply product that meets and exceeds client expectations.
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