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At Toro, no matter the market sector, we have the skill set and experience.

Tensile Structures – Multi-Sector Experience.

A Proven Track Record Over a Broad Spectrum of Industry Sectors.

Toro Tensile Structures are a fast, economical solution for any temporary or permanent building. Firstly, they are configured for abundant height and excellent clearance. Secondly, there are no internal columns to interfere with plant and machinery. Hence, allowing for ease of movement and maximising usable space.

In addition, our tensile structures provide an inviting environment that people enjoy working in. Furthermore, sound absorbing fabric covers minimise noise reverberation from machinery. Hence this provides a peaceful work environment for your personnel.

Above all, Toro tensile structures are a superior alternative to wood or steel buildings. Because they are not impeded by columns or beams. Therefore, tensile structures allow you to optimise the usage of all your space.

Choosing the correct Cover Types & Shape for your environment.

For any Tensile Fabric Structure, the cover type and shape will determined firstly by the environment and the end use. To that end, the Toro Design Engineers will undertake a comprehensive survey of your environment and take time to assess all your requirements.

At Toro Shelters, we pride ourselves on offering only the best advice and support for our clients. To that end, we will not compromise on our understanding of your project requirements. Consequently we will treat your project as if it were our own and help you understand the features and benefits of each design option. As a result we believe that we will deliver a product that surpasses your expectations, delivered on time and on budget.

Style, Size & Installation of Toro Tensile Structures.

Toro Tensile Structures come in many different styles. Additionally, these buildings are available in sizes from 6m to 65m wide and in any length you desire.

In addition, a Toro tensile structure is perfect when you need a rapid build. Because tensile structures are designed and fabricated quickly. Therefore, it takes less than half the time it takes to construct a traditional wood or steel building. As a result, your structure is installed in only a matter of weeks.

Most notably, we install tensile structures directly on bare earth, hard-standing or no foundations. As a result, it’s super easy to make them larger or smaller and change location.

Usage of Industrial Tensile Structures.

Moreover, our Tensile Structures have a wide variety of end use. For example, production facilities, pallet stores, cold storage structures, commodities storage buildings, material handling facilities and more.

Furthermore our tensile structures provide perfect storage for your expensive processing equipment. For example, trucks, front end loaders, etc. Because protecting your equipment from UV, rain and cold conditions will greatly increase their working lives.

Additionally, the white fabric covers reduce the need for daytime artificial lighting. Moreover, the translucent and reflective qualities of the cover provide indoor temperature stability. Our manufacturing buildings and warehouses stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. As a result, these benefits will reduce or eliminate your need for heating and cooling.

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Toro is an award winning company with a reputation for consistently delivering the highest levels of innovation, quality and service in the industry.

Toro Client Testimonials

We purchased a mining equipment maintenance shelter from Toro Shelters in 2014. Located in the sub Saharan desert area experiencing sand storms and high temperatures and heavy rains, the shelter, its modular offices and workshops, 5 years later are still in perfect condition.


A Good design, a good quality product and an installation team who over-came the many challenges.

Expert Advice

We have over 20 years experience in the field and have completed numerous projects across a broad spectrum of sectors. Consequently we can help advise from both a corporate procurement or engineering perspective, to make sure your solution optimises the return on investment.

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