If properly maintained, there is no reason why your structure should not last 30 years or longer. Nonetheless, we still offer a warranty plan that gives peace of mind in unforeseen circumstances, making our salt barns a cost-effective solution to protecting your salt store.

Our steel frames are made from high-grade galvanised steel, designed to last a lifetime without corrosion. They will not readily fail or rot like other materials, such as timber or traditional steel cladding. Additionally, our high-tensile PVC composite membranes are resistant to rot, fire, weather, and salt.

All Toro Shelters are designed and built in accordance with Eurocode design standards and comply with British Standard BS EN 1090-1. Equally, we can design and build to any national code as required in conjunction with being Eurocode compliant.

Our philosophy ensures safety and quality, hence why we design our structures in line with CDM regulations, and only supply CE-marked steel, giving you the confidence that your salt barn will stand the test of time.

The smallest salt barn we manufacture will hold up to 500 tonnes of winter road salt. A barn of 40m squared is considered a large structure, but ultimately a barn can be as large as you desire.

As a side note: It is more economical to make a structure longer, rather than wider. We will, of course, advise you of this during the design phase of Salt Barn construction.

NWSRG research shows, correctly storing salt greatly increases its condition and ease of use. Therefore, using salt barns ensures salt is compliant with regulations set by the Environment Agency (EA) and the standards set down in BS 3247:2011.

Moisture content is the most important factor in obtaining high-quality road salt, and using a salt barn is the most effective way of controlling moisture.