Transition Piece Cover Innovation.

We consistently innovate at a competitive price – our new Transition Piece Cover is our latest example.

Here at Toro Shelters, one of our core values is Always Strive to Innovate. With this is mind we are always looking for ways to improve the return on investments of our clients as well as offering demonstrable gains for operatives working and living in a Toro Shelter

We have built a huge array of technical abilities over the years installing shelters in every perceivable climatic condition. To this end we offer covers constructed of a galvanised steel frame, covered with a robust PVC composite membrane that are capable of resisting typhoon wind pressures. As a result, Toro Shelters has developed a series of transition piece covers for offshore monopiles and jacket foundations.

transition piece cover offshore wind toro shelters
offshore wind farms toro shelters
Minimal installation time / Maximum protection

Traditional materials options for dry bulk storage buildings usually mean high costs and could be potentially less robust in certain environments. Therefore Toro Design Engineers are constantly innovating and able to create tailor made tensile fabric solutions that are a great alternative to traditional storage buildings.

Toro dry bulk shelters have a galvanised latticed steel frame which is lightweight and has unbeatable structural integrity. Additionally, all Toro Shelters are clad with high-tech laminated PVC membrane covers, tensioned over the steel frame which in turn makes the structure very strong.